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TeddiTag.com community

How does it work?

Register with TeddiTag.com and get your own "tag" which you write on your belongings along with a message "If found, please report on www.tedditag.com XXXXXX". When somebody finds your lost property, they visit the website and report their find. You then communicate with the finder, via this site, to arrange collection or return.

What is a tag?

A tag consists of six letters and numbers which is unique to you. Write this on your proprty so that anybody who finds it can return it to you via TeddiTag.com

Is there any fee?

No, tedditag.com is completely free! You may see advertisements dotted around the site from time to time and this is how we cover our costs.

Must I offer a reward or does the finder require a fee?

No, tedditag.com relies on the natural goodwill that we see in people to return items they find to their owners. You may, however, want to offer out of pocket expeses to anybody returning your items such as cost of fuel, bus tickets or postage, unless you collected the item in person.

OK, i get it, it's free. What's the catch? Will you charge in the future.

No catch and no plans to charge in the future. TeddiTag.com will always be free. After seeing so many good people struggling on line to find the owners of items they find, we decided to create this site. From time to time you may see adverts around the site which is how we cover our costs.

How do I report a find?

To report a find, please click this link: Report a Find

Why must I register to report a find?

To protect our users from spam we require that anybody reporting a find be part of the community. The also means that you can also use your own FREE tag to label your own property in case it is lost.

Why can't I see the name of the finder / owner?

We respect the privacy of all members of our site and for that reason, you will only know the know of the person who found or lost an item if they choose to tell you. The also helps protect children by ensuring nobody can find out your name by stealing their toys.

Can I have a tag with my name in it?

We do plan to provide premium tags at a later date, but for now, tags are randomly generated when you register.

How can I help?

TeddiTag.com relies on peple just like you to report items they find on the site and return them to their owners. That's all we ask. However, if you do have skills in translating to foreign languages, then we'd love to hear from you! Please Contact Us


Did you lose something?

When somebody reports a lost item on tedditag.com please consider if you have lost that item before responding. If somebody claims to have found your iPhone and you don't own one, they may have mistyped the tag.

Returning & and collecting lost items

For the safety of all our members, we recommend that when returning an item or collecting a lost item, you meet in a public place and always take another person with you.

I'm under 18, can I join?

We take the safety of our members very seriously and in order to protext minors we require that all members are aged 18 and over. If you are under 18 and wish to TeddiTag your property, please ask a resonsible adult to register and obtain a tag.

Tagging chldren's toys

Please take care when tagging toys for toddlers and young children. We suggest that you write your unique tag and the website address tedditag.com on any labels that are already safely attached to the toy. DO NOT ATTACH ANY KEYRINGS OR OTHER ITEMS TO CHILDRENS TOYS AS THESE MAY PRESENT A CHOKING HAZARD!